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Terms of Service

How long is the banner design time?

Up to 3 days after the ordering banner design, your banner will be sent. If you have ordered one of the banner packages, send the banner to one of the sizes within 2 days after the ordering and after that we will send other sizes to you.

If the final design of the banner is not satisfactory?

All designs carried out by iBanner can be changed up to three times for free. But in most cases, the high quality of the final designs brings the complete satisfaction of the ordering customer.

What is a 24-hour delivery service for iBanner?

Maximum delivery time is 3 working days. But if you are in a hurry, you can use our 24-hour delivery service. The cost of activating of this service for each banner is ….. $. When you activate this service, your order will be sent after 24hours

How long can I make some changes in my banner?

After sending the banner to your email address, you have up to 48 hours to notify us if you wish to make changes to the banner or make any changes. After 48 hours, changes can no longer be made for free, and changes after that time will include additional costs.

What kind of changes are being made?

Changes like color type, font, banner animations, etc. are made for free, but sometimes the overall text of the banner or topic may change, in which case you need to charge the design of a new banner.