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What information is needed for banner design?

List your suggested text in the order form, and attach the logo if available. Some banners may also need to introduce a specific product that you can submit in the order form.

How would I pay for banner design?

The design cost is calculated online after completing the order form and allows for online payment, and you can also use the account number available on the site.

If the final design of the banner is not satisfactory?

All projects done by Ibaner have three free modifications, but in most cases the high quality of the final designs and the advantage of working with a dedicated designer brings complete client satisfaction.

How long is a banner design order delivered?

Maximum delivery time is 3 working days. But if you are in a hurry, you can use our 24-hour delivery service. The cost of activating of this service for each banner is 15,000 tomans. When you activate this service, your order will be sent after 24hours

How long can I make some changes in my banner?

After sending the banner to your email address, you have up to 48 hours to notify us if you wish to make changes to the banner or make any changes. After 48 hours, changes can no longer be made for free, and changes after that time will include additional costs.

What kind of changes are being made?

Changes like color type, font, banner animations, etc. are made for free, but sometimes the overall text of the banner or topic may change, in which case you need to charge the design of a new banner.

What are the source files or PSDs?

These files contain plain text and images used in your layout as open source, which is easy to edit. This file is very suitable for those who need to change their banner.

Do you design a banner with custom size?

Yes, you can easily enter your desired size for design when you are ordering. (The cost of designing such orders is 80,000 tomans which is included in the banner design tariffs

Designers who are working in this company

All designers who are working in IBanner have valuable experiences in the field of art and advertising on the Internet and in real-world consumer markets. Experiences that have come about over many years of continuous work.

Do you also design in other languages?

Yes, the iBanner team design has ability to coordinate its design in all the languages that are used, including "Arabic, English, German, French and ...".