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home article How to have effective advertising?
How to have effective advertising?

What distinguishes your ad from others? There are no magic formulas, but there are a few strategies that will enable you to attract your target audience. Using ideas, you can help improve your clickthrough rate (CTR) and ad quality as well as ROI.

3 Reasons Why Online Advertising is Essential for Your Business!

Maintain Ad Proportionality

One way to keep fit is to use keywords that are popular among users, and use them in the title and ad text.

Creating multiple ads in one ad group

Each ad group can contain a large number of ads. The Bing Advertising Page uses a variety of headlines and ad texts to find out which ads work best.

After you find out which of your ads have the most impact on clickthrough rates and conversion rates, you can now maximize your ROI return rate by removing other ads from the ad group.

Describe your product differentiation with other products

Why should customers buy your product? Does buying your product prevent them from wasting their time and money? Does it fix their problems? Or is it unique? For example, if your product has a variety of colors, it's best to mention all of these.

Use the language of your customers

Research the age or gender of your customers and use their specific features in the target ad. Use writing and specific tone to the group of people you want to attract.

Direct reference to customers

Use the word "you" or "yours" in the ad to create a direct connection with the audience

Eligible customers

Use words in your ad that will attract potential customers. For example, if your product falls into the category of high-end products, don't use words like discount, installment or cheap. In the ad, clearly identify who your product is suitable for. This can prevent your money from being wasted by removing clicks that do not lead to your purchase.

Clear expression

It's better if you describe your point of view more specifically and clearly. For example, instead of saying "big discount", set a certain percentage of the discount, such as "1% discount".

Encouragement to buy at the moment

Give your customers a reason to buy right now. For example, you can attract them by offering brochures or consulting for you, downloading a free e-book, subscribing to a newsletter, or using discount at a certain amount of time.

Price list of products or services

If your prices are more attractive than your competitors then be sure to include them in your ad.

Avoid :

  • Zoom in without words
  • Markup too
  • Incorrect spelling
  • false information