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About Us

About Ibaner

IBanner started its operations in 2009. The iBanner portfolio illustrates our quality and customer satisfaction. Also, we are always thinking of expanding our services and raising the quality of our work so that we can get more satisfaction.

Honesty and discipline

Honesty and discipline in work are the most important elements of success in any group and set, and without these two essential elements, any move will ultimately lead to failure. The key to ibaner activities is adherence to these vital principles of human life that unfortunately are not paid much attention today and are on the fringes of the modern, fast-paced, digital life we ​​live in. It is our belief that with all the changes that have been made in the daily routines and struggles of human life, this fundamental need of human life can still be met and taken into account and grown and succeeded. Our goal is to put these two principles at the forefront of our work and to do them well and proudly declare that honesty and behavioral discipline are our only reserves and that we are working hard to bring it about.

High speed design

Ibanner design team is comprised of the classics and digital designers' top and foremost. This precious capital accumulated at ibaner, as well as the valuable experience of these dear ones in various fields of art, make it possible for us to quickly identify your need and apply your banner design in the shortest possible time. We deliver the highest possible quality.

Elegance and accuracy

Elegance and accuracy are essential to everything, but evidence suggests that speed and accuracy are inversely correlated. As a result, high speed in any field results in reduced accuracy and finesse. Because both accuracy and speed are two crucial factors, the ibaner team has spent a long time providing a solution to this problem. The ibaner work activities in this collection are as follows; in the various design groups of the company, each with its own responsibility for designing a product on demand, various designers and graphic designers alternately or sequentially They work on a specific plan. As such, both designing is no longer boring for the designer and does not require additional energy and minimizes any errors and delays that may occur in the design process of an effect. While maximizing the speed and capability of a designer, it also minimizes error and mistake, and has the highest degree of accuracy and precision.

Innovation and a different look

These two words are a permanent idea for every one of our designers, and for all of us at ibaner we have an immortal spirit that doesn't come out of the designer at the moment of design and foreshadowing. Our constant look at different topics is designed to present them in new and innovative ways and to keep the amount of repetition and use of the various elements entangled in the imitation and stereotype. For ibaner, what always adds to the value of the work is the new-born innate beauty created in the moment of creation, and the duplicate and repetitive designs that look beautiful in the way we look at art and graphics. We lack a bit of artistic value. Ibaner designers have spent a great deal of time researching various subjects and areas of art. Each of us has a thorough understanding of the art of looking at the Oriental, and its complex form in modern and postmodern newborn fashions and their diverse families, the toddlers of Western discovery civilization. Linking these features together makes us proud to be one of the premium features of the ibaner design team, innovating and taking a different look at the repetitive seconds trapped twenty-four hours a day.

Respect the spirit of Persian art

Persian art is the precious jewel that has always shown respect and admiration to the creatures of the world throughout history. This rich art history and the unique backing of culture and civilization that led to the end of the Persian land, to an endless love for the special kind of design and painting that is coupled with pure Iranian art in our Iranian people. Earth. This beating heart and the myth of the unrequited love of home culture and art in the nature of each of us who are children of this land exist like all of you Iranians and make all members of the ibaner design team love their hands. The immortality and permanence of Iran use the land and the Persians and make no effort to return the Iran and Iranians to the peaks of honor and art and to embrace the spirit of Persian art.

Following design principles and methods

Design in different contexts, especially the area where the activities of the ibaner design team is a subset of it, besides requiring creativity, love and enthusiasm, must undoubtedly also have the attribute that art and passion Describe in a format that encapsulates the final work outside the personal and individual imaginative arts. This feature is particularly important in our field of activity, because the final works we provide to the management and the requestor for most of the time are subject to public view and must gain widespread acceptance. In order not to isolate works of art by the name of ibaner and not to be disrespected by the general public, we have always endeavored to put all the designer's enthusiasm into a sensible framework within the artistic understanding of the populace, which adheres to various design and graphic methods. Introduce and incorporate the foundational principles of classical art and incorporate design principles and methods into our work.

Work experience

One of the most prominent features of a group and a team that should be noted above is the issue of work experience and duration of the group's work in today's field of work. Work experience in any field can be seen as the most fundamental point of difference for activists in that field. Ibanner design team brings together and collaborates with the most experienced designers working in cyberspace. Our designers have a long history of work in various fields of art in their careers, and this is why the ibaner design team is so proud of them and with other similar groups and sites.

ibanner technical team

Ali Gharedaghi

Graphic Designer

Alireza Forghani

senior backend developer

Mohammad Shabani


Mohsen Garedaghli

senior UI / UX Designer

Yeganeh Esfandiari

Graphic Designer

Mandana Zare

Senior front end developer